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TVman - Fring Fring

Story & Idea

Ryan Wong

Team Credit

Ryan Wong, Voon Choon, Mun


Ryan Wong


Glow Production


Fring Fring is a fun piece of animated short we created during our free time. We had lots of fun brainstorming ideas and doodling the look of the characters.

Most of all it was a great experience being able to start everything from concept design to final sound design . We as the eighties kids were always fascinated by the unique designs of those vintage electronics and home appliances which are hardly seen nowadays. Therefore we were heavily inspired by this and wanted to try out something retro and “old fashioned”.

It brings us back to the 50s, featuring a vintage Television who got really sick of the outdated TV programs that he can only manage to watch within himself. Eventually he got himself in a cinema which he has always been looking forward to for an up to date movie. But he wasn’t aware that he is surrounded by those things that we hate the most when we are in the cinemas.